MicroLab,IIITH COVID-19 Dashboard

Our interactive COVID-19 dashboard is a powerful tool designed for researchers, policymakers, and the public. It covers many metrics, including patient symptoms, co-existing conditions, and the sample location. Core features of the dashboard include graphical illustrations such as pie charts detailing age, gender, and symptoms, along with bar graphs presenting data on clades and mutations. The top section showcases sample counts from MicroLab at IIITH.

Expanded Metrics:
1. Patient Insights: Visual representations such as pie charts illustrate patient demographics, including age, gender, prevalent co-morbidities, and reported symptoms.
2. Genetic Insights: The integration of diverse genetic analysis tools offers detailed insights into genetic variations, evolutionary relationships, and transmission patterns of the virus. Bar charts display information on clades, mutations, and lineage tracking.

User-Friendly Interface:
1. Seamless Data Exploration: Intuitive drop-down menus facilitate exploration by sequencing year, month, and other relevant parameters.
2. Geospatial Visualization: Location data visualizations aid in understanding regional impact and transmission dynamics.

Empowering Decision-Making:
Our dashboard supports evidence-based decision-making and aids in strategizing targeted public health interventions to limit the spread and impact of SARS-CoV-2.